Anápolis, Brazil

Institutum Sapientiae

The Institutum Sapientiae (Institute of Wisdom) is an institute of higher learning in philosophy and theology under the direction of the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross in Anápolis, Brazil. According to its statutes, which were definitively approved by the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Institutes on November 16, 2007, the Institute is specifically for the formation of candidates for the priesthood. It can also offer formation for members of religious institutes in classes separate from those given to the seminarians.

The Institute has been forming priests for the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross, the diocese of Anápolis as well as other religious communities and dioceses of Brazil since 1984 (see attachment 1). Priests who have received formation in the Institute are now serving the Church in countries all over the world, including the United States, Mexico, Columbia, India, the Philippines, Germany, Italy and Austria.

BrothersThe Institute offers a six year program (two years of philosophy and four years theology). In the year 2010 the Institute hopes introduce a preparatory year for philosophy.  In all courses the Institute seeks to remain faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. In 1989 a delegate for the Congregation for Catholic Education realized an Apostolic Visitation of the Institutum Sapientiae. In the evaluation this same delegate wrote concerning the Institute: “I think that the idea of implanting the Institutum Sapientiae on the central plateau [of Brazil] of Great hope for the Church, was a prophetic gesture and one of great vision...there is being born a great university on the level of the most famous of Europe, with professors of high technical and professional level...Congratulations to the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross and their Institutum Sapientiae!” (Prot No. 480/89/3-481/89/3)


Regina Angelorum Seminary

Regina Angelorum SeminaryThe Canons Regular of the Holy Cross also are responsible for the Regina Angelorum (Queen of the Angels) Seminary. The buildings that are presently used for this Seminary were constructed in 1989. They originally served as dormitories for the seminarians from the diocese of Anápolis. In the year 2004 the construction of the diocese’s own seminary building on an adjacent property was complete. For this reason, these same buildings are now being used as a seminary for students who desire to study at the Institute coming from other dioceses or religious communities.

BrothersAfter some years of preparation, the Regina Angelorum Seminary was officially erected in the year 2008. There are presently sixteen seminarians who are residing in the Seminary. These seminarians receive their intellectual formation at the Institutum Sapientiae, and their spiritual and human formation in the seminary under the direction of the Rector, vice-rector and spiritual director from the Order of the Holy Cross. There is hope that more bishops and religious communities will begin to send their seminarians to Regina Angelorum.

The Project for the Institutum Sapientiae
and the Regina Angelorum Seminary
Since its foundation, the Institute has focused its attention on providing a high academic formation for its seminarians, making use of a minimum of physical resources for this task. But now, with the growth of the Institute’s library and its activities, there is an urgent need to expand upon its buildings. The library at present is stock-piled in a depository of books in a room that is destined to serve as a classroom, and in two other reading rooms, also foreseen as classrooms. In view of the plan to begin a preparatory year before the study of philosophy, some of these classrooms will be needed to provide for the increase in classes. For this reason, the directors of the Institute see the need to construct a library complex.

In addition to this, the annual Theological Congress, which the Institute offers, has begun to attract more participants than can be accommodated in the classrooms presently available. The Institute also has begun to hold theological and philosophical seminars, which require a larger area than a single classroom provides. These events, in addition to the regular assemblies of the study body, require the construction of an auditorium.

In addition to this, the seminary is seriously lacking in buildings for its proper functioning. There is need of a reception building where guests can be attended and spend the night. The seminary also needs a community building with a library, a conference room, and study areas for the seminarians.

Attachment 2 offers an overview of the buildings which are already existent, and those which we hope to construct in the near future. The architectural sketches for the façade of the buildings are in attachment 3.
The Construction costs:
Regina Angelorum Seminary Brazilian Real American Dollar
Reception Building R$ 750,000.00 ~US$375,000
Community Building R$ 750,000.00 ~US$375,000
Institutum Sapientiae    
Auditorium R$ 1,950,000.00 ~US$975,000
Library R$ 2,250,000.00 ~US$1,125,000
Total R$5,700,000.00 ~US$2,850,000
Attachment 1
The number of seminarians enrolled
in the Institutum Sapientiae from 1984-2009
Attachment 2
The Project for the Institutum Sapientiae
and for the
Seminary Regina Angelorum

GrayBuildings already existent 
redBuildings to be constructed

1 – Library
2 – Philosophy Faculty
3 – Theology Faculty
4 – Auditorium
5 – Chapel
6 – Dormitories
7 – Refectory and Kitchen
8 – Reception and Guest House
9 – Conference room, study rooms, seminary library

Attachment 3

Mosteiro da Santa Cruz
   Cx.P.: 021
   75001-970 - Anápolis - GO
   tel: (62) 3099 1101