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The first prerequisite is a serious prayer life and a strong desire to grow spiritually that manifests itself in a sincere pursuit of the virtues. A candidate must have fidelity to the Holy Father and have the will to integrate himself fully into the Holy Church. Religious life is about the Evangelical Counsels (poverty, chastity and obedience), by which we give everything up to gain everything in Christ and in the community. Love for Eucharistic adoration, interiority and the love for silence are essential to our particular way of living these Counsels.

The minimum age to join the Order is 18 years. As a rule, we do not accept candidates who are over 35 years old. Candidates for the priesthood should have completed high school. Aspirancy for becoming a “lay” professed brother requires some form of professional training.

Way into the Order:

After candidacy, postulancy and novitiate, the brothers take their temporary vows. Final (perpetual) vows are made after six years of temporary vows. This allows the brothers ample time to be deeply grounded in the religious life and in their vocational conviction before making this step.

The period of candidacy and postulancy may be held in the USA. The novitiate is conducted at our Monastery Belém in Guaratinguetá Brazil. Studies for the priesthood are normally conducted at our philosophical and theological faculty, the “Institutum Sapientiae”, associated with our Monastery of the Holy Cross in Anápolis, Brazil.

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