The Canons Regular of the Holy Cross have had a house in the USA since 1995. During the first 20 years of our presence here, we were based in Detroit, Michigan. In the beginning of 2015, our community was able to move to a new property in Carrollton, Ohio (in the Steubenville diocese). We hope to construct a convent for the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the St. Gabriel Monastery for the Canons on this property. In the meantime, we have managed to reform the building which will serve in the future as a “Caretakers Residence” in order to provide housing for the Canons and their guests. The Sisters of the Holy Cross are living temporarily in a house in the town of Carrollton. This new setting offers the possibility to observe our religious life with greater regularity and fidelity to its contemplative spirit.

Another project that we undertook in January is the reform of the "boathouse" on the property in Carrollton. Considering that the house of the Canons will be nearly full, we saw a need to make a guesthouse that could already receive visitors. Previously the "boathouse" was a shed for storing a small boat and various supplies for the pond. Now it has two rooms and a full bath.

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